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WODbody Sports Massage

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Have you met our Partner in Recovery and mobility, WODbody Sports Massage? They are located inside CrossFit Aestus every Thursday from 1pm to 7pm.

Rob Hicks, our “Main Man in Mobility” is a licensed massage and bodywork therapist who specializes in postural, repetitive motion, and pain management issues. Over the years, he’s worked with his fair share of runners and triathletes. But as a part of WODBody Sports Massage, he’s in a unique position to help rehabilitate CrossFitters.

He uses neuromuscular massage, cupping, and IASTM (tool work) to break apart and relax muscle fibers and facsia. He loves doing soft tissue work because it’s a fairly new method that gets results.

Whether you are an Athlete or a Weekend Warrior head to

to schedule your appointment with WODbody today!